Yo-Kai Event Not That Bad

The left picture is some information about Yo-Kai Watch Events from previous events about metals required for minions and weapons. When I saw that I gave up after a couple of minions. But the real info is in the other two pictures from this updated website.

Farming is Possible

So I did some farming and get lots of minions, two weapons and a mount in a few hours. One of the problems is that often the Fates end so fast that you can get no credit. But I spammed fates in Western La Noscea, and got my two weapons – SCH and WHM – and enough minions for the first mount for no additional work. You are going to need to fly to farm the FATEs. Everybody else if flying in all the ARR areas now that we can, so if you don’t have flying yet, you’ll never keep up.

The event is complex with needing to have the correct minion summoned and be doing FATEs in the correct areas to get the metals you need for your weapons. But it’s reasonable, unlike the original list from past events.

And yes, my toes are very cramped inside this mount. I guess everyone’s would be.

Where to Get the Mount?

After you collect 13, or 17, minions you get a mount. And you may know to visit Jonathas in Gridania to get your Achievement Awards. But he has so many options it is confusing. The mounts for this event are under “Quests”. Follow these pictures of the dialogs to get your mount:

How Big is the Whisper Mount?

I was pretty sure that the game was faking putting characters into the Whisper Mount, but I did a test and it looks like the Miqo’te can fit into the mount. On the left is the mount and on the right is the same character sitting on the ground in the pose that puts the feet and legs under the character. Looks like it actually works. And the second picture in Miqo’te starter outfit makes it much easier to see that it works easily. Who Knew? Oh. And the Hrothgar fits because he’s sitting on the seat-back rather than down in the seat.

May you Walk in the Light of the Crystal