Amazon LOTR Second Age

Here it comes! Amazon is starting a TV series based on the Lord of the Rings. But it’s not a ReDo, but a “Prequel”. Stories based on the “Second Age”. The stories, and movie collection, we are familiar with are based on the Third Age. Apparently novels were never written by JRR [Tolkien not Martin] based on the First or Second Ages, but he left a trove of source material describing these ages and much more besides. The Simarilion, published by his son after his death, is probably the source for much of the material describing these ages.

For a excruciatingly complete coverage of the second age, you might try this 35 minute video. As I watched it, I was not necessarily paying attention to the details as the broad sweep of the history and detail that this world building provides.

What’s Going On With Amazon?

It seems pretty clear that Amazon is trying to leverage the long term interest in Game of Thrones with a more well known source. If you watch the previous video, or some of it, or any of the articles or any one of the shorter videos on Youtube that cover the same topic, you’ll quickly see that there is more than enough material to choose from to make a 20 or more season series on the subject.

It will be interesting, for those of you with a subscription to Amazon Prime, to see how this compares with GoT. Personally, I was never a subscriber to HBO and don’t plan to subscribe to Amazon-Prime. What I know of GoT comes from watching reviews / spoilers on Youtube.

But I hope Amazon does a series worthy of the material that so much of us have come to love.