ImpressShowRunner Resizable

Update: All is working now. Get the latest jar file here. And the sources here.

Well that wasn’t that hard. After looking at this page on Java layout managers [TLDR], and then this page on Group Layout again [TLDR]. I just jumped in and tried it out. And whadda you know. It’s not that bad. It’s a little glitchy. Not as smooth as the Qt Layout manager, but it works. Here’s what is working so far.

So the list and path strings resize. And this uses 14 pt type rather than 16 pt, so it’s a little more compact and probably won’t mess up on some screens like the larger font size did.

Some of the UI element names changed, so there was a crash when the Event class couldn’t find the status line. But it looks like it’s hooked up now and events are being passed as you can see from the log here.


Now it’s just a matter of methodically going through the functions and making sure they all work like before.

That wasn’t too bad. An afternoon of work for a resizable window. Soon it will be up for more testing. At least the repo has a more reasonable name now.

Screenshot_2020-04-25 windyweather ImpressShowRunnerV2.png
GitHub Repo for Resizable Version

Should be completely working soon.