Slide Shows for Vertical Aspect Images

I have a couple of mini-PC systems that I use to display images in a slide show. One of these systems displays these slides on a 4K monitor and I’ve recently gotten a more modern one for that purpose. Post for that is upcoming soon.

Using these systems to display images of 16:9 Aspect is no problem and most images captured by cameras and cellphones and screen shots from games are of this or approximately this aspect. I use Irfanview on Windows, and the built in image viewer on Linux.

Slide Show of Game Screenshots

However, showing slide shows of vertically aspect images is less than ideal. Too much of the screen is left black to be pleasing to the eye.

Vertical Aspect Image Slide Show

When a large number of images like these are presented, it would be better to be able to quickly make a slide show that shows more than one image at a time on the screen.

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