Tera Latest Update

I periodically check in with games I’ve played to see how they are doing.

Tera New Launcher

So Tera got a new launcher and has a new update. Yet another new class for Elin, of course. One track mind those folks, don’t we think? Anyway.

The problem is that the update is downloading so slowly that it will take over 7 hours to get it, and I have a very fast internet connection.

And yet the download speed for Tera is 1-2 MBytes / sec, which if you convert to bits / sec is about 10-20 Mbps. What a joke. Looks like they don’t really want me to play.

Crescent Sea Patch Notes

And let’s look at the update patch notes:

Screenshot_2020-02-11 02 11 2020 - Tera Crescent Sea Patch Notes

So, looks like they don’t really want me to play this new dungeon either. Once per week, unless you pay for Elite Status – last I saw that was about $12 / mo. And you have to farm the tokens on top of that. So you have to farm a token to play a dungeon? In other words, if you don’t want to just grind the game – and you are at max level to play this update – then you have to Grind the Game to play this new dungeon and only once per week.

Why the big throttling on playing the new dungeon? Are the drops so good that we don’t want to give them out too quickly?

So let’s compare that with FFXIV. Hum.

I can play the dungeons, all of them, as often as I like. But Once Per Day, not once per week, I can queue for some random dungeon for special extra rewards. Hummmmm.

Of course, you do have to  pay to play FFXIV. But 18 million people do pay every month to play FFXIV. Guess that is saying something. And an update to FFXIV contains more than a single class / race update and a new dungeon – which from the trailer looks like a single ship deck with a couple of bosses and some trash mobs.

Oh well.

Guess I’ll leave this updating over night and make an Elin Valkyrie. Good for some wasted time.