Back Online and Testing

Got the power supply and  have hooked it up and the system is under test. Thankfully, nothing was blown except the power supply.

Here are comparison photos between the old and new power supplies. The 850Watt Focus and the 1000Watt Prime. Same manufacturer and both fully modular so that the cables could just be re-plugged into the new supply. Worked like a charm. Back up in about 30 minutes. No cables to replace or re-route.

Testing the System

Here’s the testing of the system using Unigine Valley Benchmark.

270 Watts during the benchmark, slightly higher than my guess of 250 Watts in the previous post. The plan is to test it over night and then put it back in service as my primary machine.

FLIR Pictures of System

During 3D Benchmark things looked like this:

After stopping the benchmark and letting things cool for a few minutes it looked like this:

Here’s the little chip that is hot right above the video card.

Not sure what this chip is. I’m doing some research in the forums.

Update: Forum reply suggests that this is a Choke – Inductor. And that temp is no big deal. I’m guessing that this is some sort of power supply regulator circuit for the PCIe slots since it’s near the graphics card and changes temperature with graphics card load.