Well, Who Knew… Popeye was Right!

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Here’s the article.

But let’s not ban Spinach. Let’s just have everyone eat more of it. No Shots, just eat your veggies. Seriously though. On the continuum between “a Training Choice” and “Performance Doping” where do we think “Eating Spinach” is? I can get behind classifying shooting up a pharmacological extract of spinach as “Doping”. But choosing to add a common food stuff to your diet? That sounds like a “Training Choice”.

Maybe we need a study of expert athletes where half eat spinach and half don’t. Although I’m not clear on how we could make this one “Double Blind”. You pretty much know if you are eating Spinach and not Kale for example. Just look between your front teeth? Oh.. Cheap shot. And that leaves out the whole question about whether Kale shows an effect. I’m not clear where we could find a “Placebo”. Are we going to draw the line to the left or right of “Eating Red Meat” several times a week? Lots of questions.

From the ROFL department.