Starting Shadowbringers

I started Shadowbringers today. I changed a character I had to Viera, and created a new Hrothgar. Everybody gets a Fantasia, which can do a race / look change, from a level 50 Main Sequence Quest. Or you can buy the Fantasia on the Mog Station for $10.

I spent a little time leveling the Hrothgar, and playing the Viera. Of course all the jobs have changed a little or a lot, so getting used to Summoner and Scholar on the Viera took a little time.

Then I ran into a snag. The servers completely bogged down about noon PDT – Not surprisingly.

Servers Were Overloaded

Surprise, Surprise.

So about noon the servers kicked me out and I could not get back in so I took a break for a few hours and went back to Tera. But later in the day I got back in and checked things out in two areas:

  1. What changes were made about how to get high level gear to enter Shadowbringers? Item Level 390 is apparently required.
  2. What are the next steps to go to Shadowbringers?

Level 390 Gear from Tomes of Poetics

The Tomes required to get Scaevan gear [ item level 390 ] were changed so that Poetics are now required, just like Ironworks [ il 120 ]  and Shire [ il 260 ] gear. Of course the NPC remains in Rhalgr’s Reach.

This Scaevan gear is a lot easier to get now that the expansion has dropped. It used to a wicked grind for Tomes of Genesis, which are now obsolete and gone. But I don’t have this gear yet, and after I get at least the Caster’s gear, I need to do a couple of dozen quests before I can get to Shadowbringers anyway.

So better gear is needed to do the next dungeon in the series. So I need to spam the Main Scenario Roulette each day for a week or so to get each set of gear – Caster then Healer. But 5 or 6 days is all that’s required for each set. And I have plenty to do with my other jobs and my Viera and Hrothgar in the mean time.

See you on The First. In a couple of weeks I should be ready to go.

May you walk in the light of the Crystal.