News from an Alternate Universe

<Crackle… crackle…>

Attention! Attention! A message is arriving from an Alternate Universe.

<Crackle… crackle…>
This is an announcement from Blizzard on the Azerite Radio Network.


As we know, Azerite was discovered in Silithus some time ago. But there has been <crackle…. crackle> a new discovery by the Gnomes and Goblins about how to use this magical substance. Azerite can now be used to travel throughout the Worlds of Warcraft.

Our transportation engineers, of all factions, are in the process of upgrading all of the Flight Managers throughout the Kingdoms with a powerful new means of instant transportation.

To use this new travel method, simply open your map and you may click on any flight point that you have visited, of your own or the neutral faction of course, and instantly travel there for a small fee. The fee is the same as if you had flown from the nearest flight point from where you are to the selected flight point on the map using the old flight method. Travel to the nearest flight point is the same as the minimum flight fee.

Travel to any of the newly established terminals within major cities is free as well. These will be established over the next few weeks as we roll out this new system of travel across the entire realm. There is no need to visit each of the transfer points within the major cities to activate them, but they only work within the city and cannot be used as a travel destination from outside the city.

Travel between worlds is possible too, for a slightly higher but affordable fee. Flight services are still available for those who wish to travel the slow way. There is no penalty, except time and the costs for travel the old ways remain the same. And of course, you may continue to ride or fly as before on your personal mounts.

You may continue to use Ships and Airships, and Ironforge – Stormforge Tram of course, for free, but you need no longer wait on these means of transport by using the new means of transport. When visiting new continents, we have made the Flight Points at the Ship and Airship terminals available for instant travel as soon as you are able to use the ship / airship to visit that area.

We at Blizzard hope you enjoy this new breakthrough in travel throughout the Worlds of Warcraft. However, we regret to inform you that this new travel feature is Not Available in Classic World of Warcraft, since in that timeline, Azerite was never discovered.

We thank you for your attention to this Blizzard Announcement on the Azerite Radio Network… from an Alternate Universe.

<Crackle… crackle…>