Steam – Pay $5 First Apparently

So, as you know if you watch things here, I’m a big MMO fan, and recently it’s Final Fantasy XIV. I just remembered that I had purchased a BluRay a while ago of Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV, and wondered if I could play that. Not an MMO, but just a single player RPG. So I looked it up.

I tried to install the demo. Figured I’d check it out. I had three choices to get it:

  • Steam
  • Microsoft Store
  • Origins [whatever that is, but the site looks like a steam wanabee.]

First I tried the Microsoft Store. – FAIL. I tried to sign in with my Microsoft account to do that, but I got dumped to a page that said it failed. No real help there.

Try steam. No problem, at first. Program downloaded and installed. Then hung after a few clicks to set it up.


Just hung there forever like it was trying to reach some website. Although why would it by saving stuff online? It’s a single player RPG.

No Support on Steam

Can’t get support on Steam.

So you can’t post in the forums unless you spend at least $5, so they are asking me to pay $5 for support for a free demo that doesn’t work. To maybe buy a game for $50 later that I have no faith might work? Not likely. They say the game is supported by Square-Enix anyway, even though they have modified it, obviously, to run on Steam.

So over at Square-Enix support, I try their support pages and they don’t list FFXV on PC as a supported game.

So I just make an entry under FFXV for PS4, to at least send them something.

Guess I’ll just stick with FFXIV, which works fine. This whole Steam thing is less than ideal in my opinion. I’m not a fan of “Pay Up Front before you know it works” strategies.