Why Do My Toes Drag?


My toes are dragging. My little Lalafell has no trouble with this Carbuncle mount, but anybody else is too big for this mount.  These mounts are very nice, and it’s great that they glow. But, all the other mounts come in several sizes to fit the races. Looks like three sizes based on what we recently saw with the Holiday Bears.


The Lalafel on the left and the Au Ra on the right both fit their bears.

Also notice how these Chocobo mounts fit their riders:


The shot in the barn shows me riding the largest one since I’m Au Ra, and the fellow next to me is a Lalafell with his mount out as a companion. Looks like the little mount is about 1/2 the size of the large one.

And this wolf mount with a Lalafell rider came in some other size for a larger race. And, notice how the Carbuncle does fit the Lalafell rider.



Wonder if they will fix the Carbuncle Mount to fit all races.