Yes, Definitely Take Training


After all, could you pass up meeting with this little cutie? Well she’s the healer trainer, the Tank and DPS trainers are buff dudes. But never the less, you get that sweet outfit that I’ve been seeing around.

So talk to the Smith – odd name – with the sprout on his head. He’s in taverns and outside dungeon entrances. You’ll see him. He gives you an interface that you can find in the Duty menu for Novice Training.

Here’s the outfit you get when you complete the training on a caster class. Minus the spectacles.  You can find those at most any armor seller. If you want to hide your helm, look in the character options panel.

Here’s a dungeon run.

Oddly, the training doesn’t party up the folks so you can’t use option to click on their names in the upper left that you’ll use during a real dungeon or party. Also Party Heal and Protection don’t work in training.

I’ll go back and do the training for my gladiator, the training armor looks really nice.

Ok. Back to work.