Display Failed- or did it?

Battle chair

I got up this morning, and tried to wake up my computer like I always do, but it didn’t.

As you can see, I have what I call a “Battle Chair” which you can find here and here. I’ve upgraded the computer again since 2013, and the monitor is now an ASUS PQ258Q – 2K monitor.


Well this morning, the monitor would not wake up. I rebooted the computer a couple of times. No luck.

I use the display port to connect to the Nvidia GTX 1060, so I got out an old monitor and hooked it to the HDMI port on the graphics card. Worked fine.

Then I hooked the ASUS monitor to the computer with the HDMI cable. Worked fine.

But the display port would not work.

So I downloaded and installed the newest Nvidia driver and Voila. The display port worked fine.

No clue what happened. But it’s back now.