Tera Mystic Changes for the Worse

Sometime during this year, apparently, the Mystic class was completely changed. Turned on it’s head actually.

Crys_00009x.pngThe biggest issue from my point of view is that the Thrall of Protection, a tank for solo leveling, was changed from level 4 to level 50. So you no longer have a tank to use during solo leveling.

This is a severe quality of life change as far as I’m concerned.

Basically the entire class skills have been turned on it’s head.

Skills that you get when you were level 60, you now get when you are level 4. So instead of getting Thrall of Protection so you can solo easily, you now get Boomerang and Contagion, which are AOE skills that were added with the level 60 update a few years ago.

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