Linux / Windows 10 Samba Issues

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Can’t connect between Linux and Windows10 with Samba

Here’s a Forum Post.

This appears to have worked to allow me to see windows 10 systems from Linux Mint 18.3.

I don’t think iptables-persistant is the better way around.

The correct and documented way to enforce advanced iptables commands is described on … ctionality

Using that info, what solved the problem for me was to add the code bellow and the end of “/etc/ufw/after.rules” and restarting ufw:

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:OUTPUT ACCEPT [664:135398]
-A OUTPUT -p udp -m udp --dport 137 -j CT --helper netbios-ns

This way, there’s not need to mess with iptables-persistant and if you installed iptables-persistent you’ll need to uninstall it running sudo “apt-get purge iptables-persistent”.

Use “Sudo xed” in a terminal to get an editor so you can edit the file mentioned above. Copy / Paste the settings above at the end of the after.rules file and save it. You can safely ignore the errors about meta data that xed spits out. It’s trying to save some meta data about the formatting and of course that is nonsense when you are editing system files.

Just sharing it so I can find it from Linux.