GW2 – Creepy Chak Weapons


Got my first creepy Chak weapon. The pics do not do these things justice. The claws twitch and the eyes glow on all of them. It takes a day or two grinding in Tangled Depths to get each one. Make sure you do a couple of the meta events each day for the Chak eggs and the Ley crystals will show up with just grinding any events. I’m done with all of the LeyStone armor sets now from Dragon Stand events, so it’s time to move on, or back, for other things and these look the most creepy or interesting. I’ll start with LongBow, Staff, GreatSword and then fill in the others since they are less used by my alts. The Dailies keep asking for Mystic Forging so I almost have the whole set of Mystic Weapons. These are cool, but not creepy obviously. After fighting Chak all day you wanna carry ones head home on a stick and now you can.


You’ll need bouncy mushies, updrafts and pretty much the whole map to follow a train with a good commander to grind events. I had a good commander today who kept about 30 of us so busy I barely had time to salvage gear and repair armor. But it was worth it for this creepy longbow.