Blade and Soul – Gear Repairs

BnS_2016_09_26_12_35_30_000.jpgWith my annoyance at the latest changes in Tera, I’ve gone back to some other games that I’ve played before. So I went back to Blade and Soul after trying it a while ago. So I played my character for a couple of hours and put on a couple of levels, and then found I couldn’t repair my gear any longer. So after a few chats to ask about that, I stopped by an NPC and found that the Repair tool cost about 6 silver, while I only had 2 silver. Odd that at level 10 I should be so far out of step with my needs.

I hadn’t purchased anything of note, but I had transported one time – Windstriding. So I guess that used up a silver or two, maybe. Maybe I shouldn’t have repaired my weapon each time that I came back to a camp fire. I probably repaired about 50 times in the two hours of game play. Little did I know that the repair tool would run out of repairs or that buying a new one would cost so much.

Repair tool

My funds:

My Funds

Guess I’m outta luck.

I’m not clear why the repair tool is so expensive or why I don’t have more funds by the time I reached level 10. Over the two hours of recent play from level 8 to level 10 I had done maybe 30 or 40 quests – both Yellow “Story” quests and Blue – Zone quests. Seriously, one trip Windstriding and that’s all I have left?

Lets compare some other games:

Tera has no durability or repair model. So gear never takes damage and no need to repair.

World of Warcraft has a durability model where gear takes incremental damage as it is used and needs to be repaired for a very minor fee. You do not buy a repair tool, but visit an NPC to repair your gear.

Wow Gear has Durablity

And must be repaired at an NPC for a very minor cost:

Gear NPCs provide Repair

The cost is so minor it’s just an annoyance. High level gear my require a Gold or two to repair. The durability wiki page shows the formula for the repair cost.

The other Anime games like Eden Ternal, Aura Kingdom and Twin Saga have repair strategies like Wow. Just an annoyance. I never found a problem with the cost of repair.

GW2 has eliminated the cost of repair, and armor damage only occurs to gear when you die and return to a waypoint. If you are resurrected by another player, no damage occurs. Basically it’s a free “death tax” since repairs cost nothing. You just visit an NPC and click on “Repair Me”.

Damaged Gear

So you just visit an NPC to repair your gear at no cost, or use a purchased item to repair it yourself anywhere. These repair canisters are occasionally dropped.

Repair NPC