Blade and Soul – Gear Repairs

BnS_2016_09_26_12_35_30_000.jpgWith my annoyance at the latest changes in Tera, I’ve gone back to some other games that I’ve played before. So I went back to Blade and Soul after trying it a while ago. So I played my character for a couple of hours and put on a couple of levels, and then found I couldn’t repair my gear any longer. So after a few chats to ask about that, I stopped by an NPC and found that the Repair tool cost about 6 silver, while I only had 2 silver. Odd that at level 10 I should be so far out of step with my needs.

I hadn’t purchased anything of note, but I had transported one time – Windstriding. So I guess that used up a silver or two, maybe. Maybe I shouldn’t have repaired my weapon each time that I came back to a camp fire. I probably repaired about 50 times in the two hours of game play. Little did I know that the repair tool would run out of repairs or that buying a new one would cost so much.

Repair tool

My funds:

My Funds

Guess I’m outta luck.

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