Tera – How Long to Play

Elin Mystic

How long does it take to play Tera from character creation to level 65? It turns out that the game keeps track, so it’s really easy to tell. Here’s one of the early toons I created, an Elin Mystic. I like Mystics. They solo very well and are in high demand in dungeons so if you want to run a dungeon, you have a short wait. Some times only a second or two, so you better be ready when you queue. But back to looking at play times. 6 Days 6 Hours.

That is total time playing the character, from, for this character, creating it on the Island of Dawn way back when, until I cleaned up some quests back in Habere to get rid of some stale quest items from my inventory, which probably took an hour or so.

Now let’s look at some other characters, since I’m a real Altaholic.

Elin Reaper

Here’s one of my fav reapers. Reapers start at level 55 as I recall and by the time you finish the 30 – 45 min starting area, you are level 58. And they do a lot of damage and are hard to hit, so they level in the new Fate of Arun area pretty quickly to 65. This toon was only played for 3 days and 8 hours and that includes some time doing Reputation quests.

Castanic Priest

This lovely priest took 5 days and 13 hours and she hasn’t started her rep quests yet. Priests level more slowly in the new Fate of Arun content. Takes maybe twice as long to level them there. I suggest using the Sabex Armory dungeon over and over to add a level or two from 61 to 63 perhaps. You get lots of upgraded glyphs as a bonus. This scheme also works well for Mystics since as healers they also don’t wait long on Instance Matching for the dungeon.

High Elf Priest

This handsome fellow priest took 6 days and 22 hours and again, without starting any rep quests. I leveled him before I learned how effective Sabex Armory is for leveling healers, so leveling him was quite a slog using Vanguard Requests.


This gunner was leveled after many of the simplifications were made to Island of Dawn and she has completed her Rep quests to get her Panther mount, but as you can see, she only has been played for a total of 5 days.

But look at a recent brawler.

Recent Brawler

This Brawler started leveling as soon as Brawlers were released and took advantage of the simplified Step Stone Isle starting area, as well as the buffs and scrolls during the starting event. She has not started her rep quests. She has been played for only 1 day and 15 hours to reach level 65. Amazing.

With the recent changes to up XP from story quests, addition of Vanguard Requests, and the elimination of the need to do Zone quests to level, most classes can level in 2-4 days of play time rather than the old 5-8 days. I have some older toons in their 40s and 50s that were started when the old leveling was in place. I’m now working to level those characters to level 65 in the new simplified scheme and find that even without the 100% XP scrolls and buffs of the leveling event when new classes are released, the leveling process goes much faster. I assume that’s the goal of Enmasse and Blue Hole Studios: Get players to the End Game as quickly as possible.

Well dive in.