Google vs the Rest of the World

I just saw yet another story about some country or other deciding to try to Fine Google for some perceived problem or other with their search results:


Maybe it’s time for Google to have Terms and Conditions… For Countries. I suggest the following:


If you want Google to be available within your country’s boundaries – based on IP address and nothing else by the way since we aren’t going to check anything but this – then you as a sovereign country agree to the following:

(1) Google does not support “Right to be forgotten” or any other censorship that you may want. Forget it or forget Google.

(2) Google does not fiddle with it’s search results based on your country preferences. If you don’t like the results, seek help with an SEO expert, or Google will be happy to not be present in your country / jurisdiction.

(3) Google will abide by the terms and conditions that it has published. If you don’t like them, then don’t use Google or don’t have Google in your country.

(4) Google is building and providing the best search engine, and other services, that we can, based on our own conscience and our business plan.

If you don’t like these terms and conditions, use another search engine, or make your own search engine. Up to you.

End Quote:

Seems like it’s time for this. <Disclaimer> I have no financial interest, or any other kind of interest in the success of Google or it’s services, other than I use them, and like some of those services. </Disclaimer>

I’m getting tired of all the whiners out there. Nobody ever whined about Alta Vista when it had 90% of the search market. Get over it, or get Bing – or whatever.

– ww

Aura Kingdom – Thumbs Up

Navea City Square
Navea City Square

I give Aura Kingdom a big Thumbs Up. I’ve been playing for a few days now, and AK is a welcome relief from a lousy game like Allods. This is not an in-depth review, but some first interesting impressions that may cause you to seek a more in-depth review, of which there are plenty. One of the best reviews is the one on YouTube by MMO Grinder. But here are some of my thoughts. I may have covered some things that MMO Grinder didn’t talk about.

Low Stress Game to Play
Low Stress Game to Play

First of all, AK is a low stress game to play. You level quite quickly. In an hour or so you’ll be at level 10, if you read all the text of the quests, of which there is a lot, but the story is interesting. If you are an AltaHolic [ addicted to many toons ] then the next times through you can click Skip, but the first time though it’s best to slow down and read the dialog. There is almost no voice acting. So put on your reading glasses and settle back. The story is worth it.

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Allods – I’ll Give It a Pass – Again

Allods Priden Race of Wolves

I played Allods back in 2011 when gPotato had it, and it was pretty clunky. Since then it has gotten much better. It no longer feels clunky. Let’s talk about the good news first. Here is an album of recent pictures from the game.

There is an interesting race that is unlike anything I’ve seen in other games. The Gibberlings are three characters, which you can design individually as you create them. But they act as one in the world. Here is a Gibberling family which are druids, with their pet squirrel.

Gibberlings are Three as One
Gibberlings are Three as One


The graphics look better than Wow – at least better than the historic places of Wow. The character models are better than the old Wow models, but not as good as the new Wow character models.

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Windows 10 – Upgrading another system


BTW, I have no idea why this system shows an Alienware Logo in the System Control Panel. I have completely swapped out the guts of this system and reinstalled a new copy of Windows 7.

I just upgraded this system to Windows 10 using the DVD burned last time and did the following steps:

  • Backup everything on the system drive from C:\Users\Yournamehere\My Documents etc., if not to another system, at least to one of the data drives.
  • Uninstall any crufty old programs that I’m not going to need in the new world.
  • Reboot
  • Make a record of all the things you have installed by taking screenshots of the “Programs and Features” control panel list.
  • Download the latest Nvidia drivers for the card for both Win 7 x64 and Win 10 x64.
  • Update the [Nvidia 560ti in this case] driver to the latest and greatest for Win 7 x64.
  • Reboot
  • Run setup from the Windows 10 DVD.

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