Tera – Gunner Reaching Level 65

Hurray! Level 65
Hurray! Level 65

Hurray. I’ve reached level 65 with a character. No surprise, it was a gunner.

But, to be honest, the end-game story content leaves much to be desired. There is a straightforward story line to discover the whereabouts of Dakuryon, the Archdevan lord, and to take him down. The whole story line takes only about two days to play through from the Airship Docks at Velika.

The end of the story line leads you to level 65 and gives you an almost complete set of Idoneal gear. This gear cannot be enchanted, but it has extra buffs as you have more of it equipped. And you get all but the belt and brooch. The belt is available for about 4200 Vanguard Points, and at this point you may have a little more than 2000 points. A very nice brooch is available for an easy quest line at the Nakatam Tower that introduces you to the Lightbringers who created the sky castles.

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