Tera – Time to Balance All Classes


What are all those red orbs?

They make up for your class not being able to heal.

This is a warrior working Solo at level 59 in Tirkai Forest. As you can see, killing a few bears drops a ton of these orbs of two types, long term and instant heal.

As it turns out, I didn’t need them very often. But sometimes you get a ton of them, and sometimes you get none. So if you are working an area, and you don’t need them now, you might want to let them lie about on the ground in case you do need them.

But why do we need these random heal drops? In my view, it’s because BlueHole designed the Tera classes based on Dungeon activity and the Holy Trinity of Tank / DPS / Healer rather than designing balanced classes that could solo PvE and PVP.

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