DishNetwork Hopper Bug – Unable to Play Recordings

Support Post.

Hopper fails to play back recent recordings. Attempt to record three shows at same time. They appear to have been recorded, but some cannot be played back.

Attempt to record the following:

  • KEZI News. Series recording. First.
  • Dan Rather Reports. Series Recording.
  • ABC World News: Series Recording. Second after KEZI news.
  • COMA Movie – two parts. Individual Recording.

After ABC WN started, I attempted to play latest recording. This failed as shown below.

Latest KEZI news, which had finished recording, also could not be played. Same error.

I was able to play Dan Rather Reports.

I reset device after ABC WN had finished recording. After reboot I was not able to play ABC WN or KEZI News.

See details here in this pictures.