Wow Mists Public Test Realm – New Interest and Goals

Level 85 Dwarven Priest

I recently signed up for the Mists of Pandaria Public Test Realm. This is a test area for the new expansion that should be out in a couple of months. I had signed up for the Beta, but never got an invite. They filled their quota from folks who bought the annual pass apparently. The PTR is a test area for the update, but without MoP, so I couldn’t visit the new Mists area or make a Panda or Monk, but I could see many areas I’ve not seen before. I don’t yet have a level 85 character and the PTR has the ability to create template characters at level 85.

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ZBox Audio with Linux Mint – Tutorial

ZBox ID80

As I mentioned in my previous post, I just got a ZBox ID80, installed Linux Mint 12 and had some trouble with the sound. Turns out the problems were user error, but setting up sound was a little confusing.

So here’s what you might like to know to make sure your audio is working, at least for this hardware and Linux Mint 12. Continue reading “ZBox Audio with Linux Mint – Tutorial”

Zotac ZBox ID80

Zbox ID80

After getting the Alienware machine, I found myself with an extra 20″ monitor and noticed that the Blue Diamond box was getting a little long in the tooth. It has been running Ubuntu 10 and while it works, it’s very slow. Time for an upgrade.

The Zotac Zbox ID80 plus was about $300 from newegg, and while they have versions that are with and without HDD and memory, the one I got had 2GB of ram and a 320GB HD. I didn’t really need the HD since I had one of that size, but the price really tossed that in for almost free. I did get 4GB of RAM for it for an additional $21. Continue reading “Zotac ZBox ID80”