Dekaron – Nemesis


Dekaron Nemesis is another private server.

They have done an amazing amount of changes to the art work.

There are a number of interesting and odd features to their system.

Starting a Character

Each character starts out at lvl 1, but with a full set of level 18 armor and a level 18 weapon. Also there are several skills that are class specific. The armor and weapons are of course illegal since all the Stats are zero and there are no skill points. Also since the level is 1, the level 18 armor is invalid as well. Not sure how they faked that.

But the problem is that the way that characters are set up, they cannot get started by themselves. If you try to go outside of Braiken or Loa and kill something, you die immediately. The only way to get a character that I know of is to party with a higher level player and have the leader kill something. The lowest level foes have such a large EXP factor that a single hit takes the level 1 character to level 31. After a few kills done by the party leader, including Akris or any other foes, the new character can easily be at level 60.

Once my first character was started, by a passer by in the game, I made a second account and created a character called BootStrapKnight. This character was started by the character that was going by using two instances of the program and doing a party with the new character. Then the other characters on the first account were “bootstrapped” by the BootStrapKnight.

Artwork Changes

There are several changes to the artwork in Nemesis. Notable among these is a complete re-texturing of Parca Temple.

Nemesis Parca Temple

Armor and Weapons

Each of the NPCs have a level 130 weapon of each type and level 130 armor, in addition to the normal items that are for sale. It seems that one can level to 130 in only a couple of hours. I have a knight at level 105 after about three hours working in Draco to get Eternity [level 80] armor and then in Requies Beach Upper to farm Quesa [level 92] armor. Farming weapons are just as much of a problem as with Elite Dekaron, but the NPC selling level 130 weapons and armor certainly mitigates the issue to a large extent.

Quest Log Works

Unlike Elite Dekaron, the quest log works fine. So far I’ve not needed any quests, but it’s good to know that I can do them if I like.

Stat Points- 2X

I wondered what was up with my Stat points. It seemed that the numbers looked much larger than I had remembered. Well they are. Each level gets you 10 points, not the usual 5. If you put these toward HP, then you will pump up an amazing HP in no time. Of course it’s more prudent to up your weapon attributes as well as your HP, and also boost your SPI [MP] even if you are a knight. The end result is that you will be more powerful for PVP or for farming.

Mavrics to Fortify Your Gear

In most servers, the Akris – the glowing unicorn like horses – give high EXP, HP and MP pots, and large DIL drops. In Nemesis, they give large numbers of Copper, Silver and Gold Mavrics, which are used to enhance gear. The gear becomes stronger as you fortify it. Armor has higher defense and weapons do more damage. It looks like Nemesis has decided that a major benefit for their server is that Mavric enhancements are widely available.

To enhance gear using Mavrics, visit a blacksmith and call up the Fortify dialog.

Blacksmith Fortify Dialog

Each time you fortify the gear, it costs more, and at some point you need to start using Silver and Gold Mavrics. I seem to recall that the success rate goes down too, but perhaps they have eliminated that from Nemesis.

Here is a picture of my Quesa Armor and axes fortified to a +2 level. There is an animated glow that becomes stronger as the level gets higher. Fortifying to +6 requires 3 Copper and 3 Silver, and is relatively inexpensive. It looks like the cost is going to be high, but apparently the cost charged is not the cost reported. But you must have the larger amount to start. The cost for each level is relatively minor until you get to +7. +7 costs 7M DIL, which is obviously very expensive. So fortifying all your armor and a weapon or two to +6 is affordable, and well worth the effort for your level 94 armor which you will need a while until you can purchase your 130 armor from the NCP. Remember to check your class NPC merchants for your 130 level gear when you get there. It is surprisingly affordable.

Gear Fortified +2

No Aloken

Apparently the Nemesis folks have used a release of Dekaron that predates the Aloken spear class. I’m not sure if they plan to upgrade, but I can see that with all the changes, it will be a lot more work


If you undress the female character classes, you will find them topless. Since the game is adult anyway, this is hardly a shocking feature, but it’s an interesting side note.


Modified versions of wings are purchased from an NPC for 50M DIL. That’s twice what other servers sell them for, but the modifications are interesting. They give a buff for Shield [2x] and a  more standard buff for speed, HP and MP of 10%. I presume the shield buff is to allow you to be stronger in PVP which is what shield is for.

There is also a Dragon wing set for 100M which gives no shield buff, but with other buffs a bit larger.

What Now?

At this point I’ll probably get my level 130 gear for one character and then go back to Elite Dekaron. I’ll be watching to see if they are going to upgrade. Update: I’m have a great time on Nemesis. It’s actually more fun and more social than Elite. So I’m working on all my characters there. Currently I recommend Nemesis.

I’m finding that Elite tends to take many of their servers down at odd times and the servers that they leave up, have been neutered – no monsters at all. I’ve never seen this done before. Odd.

More as I learn more about the server.

– Windy

Updated: Wings, Stats and Mavric Prices 23 April.