Dekaron – Hints and Research

Elite Dekaron

Here’re a few things I’ve found out while playing Elite Dekaron.

The EXP factor varies from place to place. For example, in Frozen Forest lvl 40 it appears to be 60X, but in Heiharp lvl 25 it appears to be 40x. The DIL factor varies as well. To calculate the rate, watch the EXP and DIL drop for a monster and then do the math based on a Wiki like the 2Moons wiki which has a very nice Monster Detail section. Here’s the section for Heiharp.

Armor Farming

Once you reach level 70 and can’t buy armor any more

Farm in Draco Desert for lvl 80 armor [Helm is lvl 80]. For level 92 armor, farm in Requies Beach Upper, which is easily reachable from Draco Desert using the Teleporter that you come in on.  I’ll update this with new spots as I find them. I’ve heard that Avalon and Aquarius are the next spots.

Weapon Farming

Draco Desert has pretty reasonable rates of weapon drops and with patience you can get 72 and 78 weapons of almost all types. But Requies Beach has very low weapon drop rates for some reason. In a few hours of farming there I only got a couple of wands, and saw a lot of two handed axes or swords that were of no use. I’ll have to watch for another place to get one-hand axes and gauntlets. In your travels especially in coming and going through Parca or your visits to your Stash, keep your eyes open for discarded items. I got a level 105 Gauntlet that way, as well as a few other things.

Running Multiple Characters

I like to have a brace of characters of all classes since I get bored with the same old thing all the time. So I like to have one character pass items of real interest to other characters. And of course as one character makes it to the next farming area, the loot needs to be passed on to the other characters. This is of no interest below level 80 since the DIL rate is so high that it’s less work to just buy armor and weapons from the NPCs in town.

But once you reach level 80 you may want to pass farmed items along. My Knight and my Bagi farmed all the armor for my other characters since they reached level 100+ first. It was no more trouble when farming in Requies Beach for EXP and DIL to pick up the level 92 armor that drops for other classes. The drop rates for all armor is very high except for Helmets, which for some reason are harder to find. Farm helmets in the North East section of the map as you might expect.

You will need two accounts to pass your items on since Mail is disabled. I didn’t see any rule against multiple accounts and since the “Shop” ties up your character, they expect you to have multiple accounts anyway. At first I was moving the laptop next to the Desktop to Trade between the accounts, but this was a pain. An old laptop, which was very fast at the time [about eight years ago] was a herky-jerky experience these days, but it works.

But the best solution is to use my desktop with two big monitors. It turns out that two copies of Dekaron will run on the same machine at the same time. I’m surprised by this since I figured that GameGuard [an anti-hack software package] would get really upset, but all is well.

One copy on each monitor and away we go. The 6 year old Alienware Area 51 with Quad processors, and an Nvidia GTX 260 [896MB] has no problem with two copies of Dekaron, so on with trading that loot and saving a lot of time farming with each character separately.

So Far So Good

The performance of the server continues to be very good. Griefing is minimal and I’ve even talked with a player or two, but no lasting friendships or parties yet.

I’m a little annoyed by the lack of a quest log. There are a few quests that I might like to do, but with the log disabled, it’s just not practical.

I’ll be playing more on this server, and also trying another one.

Update:  23 April -I’ve got my wings for my Knight and am close for my Summy. But I’m finding that they take there servers down at odd times, like the middle of the night, and that all the servers on line [MarketPlace, Castle Siege, Events] are neutered [no monsters at all]. Actually I can understand the neutering the market place. That makes a lot of sense so that folks won’t load the server by playing on it. But that’s no fun if it’s the only server up and are having a sleepless night. Oh well. I’m back to Nemesis, which at the moment is my favorite.

– windy