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Dekaron is Free to Play and it’s even more fun than it was with 2Moons.

Remember back when I was playing 2Moons? Seems like ages ago.

Let’s Review:

Acclaim, a computer game company of some note, purchased the rights to a Korean game called Dekaron, reworked it, and set up a FTP [Free to Play] US only server – they checked your IP address. Apparently they needed to check because the Koreans were charging to play Dekaron at the time.

Well Acclaim didn’t make it and they were bought out by Playdom, the makers of those browser games in FaceBook, like FarmVille. Well as you can understand might happen, Playdom didn’t have any interest in 2Moons, or any other non-browser, MMO’s, so they shut them all down and all I was left with was some pictures.

Well with the frustration over the games over at Perfect World.

Ether Saga, and Jade Dynasty require 2 much grinding, even if it is automatic.

Heroes of Three Kingdoms is frustrating with two currencies and no good wiki.

I remembered 2Moons / Dekaron and did a search.

Dekaron Private Servers

It turns out that there are enough Dekaron private servers to have a Top 100 List. And they are FTP of course. Because who is going to pay to play a 2 year old Korean Grinder, right?

Well one of the things that Acclaim didn’t change was the GRIND GRIND GRIND nature of Dekaron.

But these private servers change that First. These servers do 60X EXP and 60X Currency drops, and something like 5X loot drops. So you level up in no time. Seriously, level 100 in like 3 days or less. You get level 80 in an afternoon.

But here’s the rub. After level 68 or so, you can’t purchase armor or weapons from NPCs, you have to loot them. So there are lots of folks running around at level 100+ with level 80 armor, which is easy to loot in Draco.

But I got my Wings!!! Wings are speed, Health and Energy boosts, and a mark of “having arrived”. They cost 25M DIL and require level 102. Even with the 60X it takes a bit of work after level 80 to get them.

Bagi Warrior Wings
Azure Knight Wings

Note we are still wearing our level 80 armor even tho we are level 102 or so, and using level 78 weapons. Next we are off to Avalon and Aquarius to farm for better armor and weapons.

Select a Good Server

At first I signed up on Dekaron Evolution since they were the top on the list. Turns out that they encourage you to vote, so they get high marks on voting, and have a nice website, but only one server and it’s not very quick. So it’s jerky and bogged down to play there. They are running a more recent version “Action 9”, but the server lag makes it harder to play. They only have one Realm, or sub-server, so they don’t have enough hardware for the number of users.

Next I tried Elite Dekaron and I’ve been pretty happy there. They have several sub-servers and performance is very good.

Also you can switch realms to find the glowing deer – Akris – to level up more quickly.

Elite Dekaron is running Action 7, which is apparently 2 releases ago, but they are talking about upgrading so that’s a good thing.

But they disable the Quest Log and Mail.I’m not sure why the Quest Log is disabled. Quests aren’t all that useful since the EXP and DIL rates are so high. But some quests reward interesting loot like GEMS, so it is useful to do them.

So you have to do the trick of having a “trading” account to pass items between two characters, which you will want to do since a high level character can easily farm armor and weapons for lower level characters of other classes. I’ll probably get my database sites going again to keep track of farmed loot.

The Agency is in the software, but disabled as far as I can tell. This is a pain since the Agency allows you to go one place and purchase from any player with a store open. Great way to compare going rates if you are going to sell something too.

There are some old Wiki’s out there, so keeping track of what armor, or weapons or armor is still documented.

Currency and Trading Market

The high DIL [currency] drop rates and high EXP rates cause a few other odd things:

Trading prices for items are very high. 10,000,000 [10M] and up for anything.

Gems are apparently hard to get. Even a single gem costs 10M and up. Gems are not all that hard to get, although the drop rates seem a little low. You just need to remember what low level areas to farm. Maybe high level areas have higher drop rates.

Griefing and Scamming

So far the griefing is at a reasonable level – same fools outside of Parca and in Draco Desert, but let them kill you a few times and they leave you alone. Griefing is a high level player killing a low level player just to be annoying. The key strategy is to not fight back at all. If you don’t hit them and they kill you, then they get points that eventually keeps them from using TP and they can go to JAIL which is very costly to get out. If you don’t fight back they leave you alone after a kill or two.

Watch for the scammers that dress in low level armor and use a small weapon and invite you to a duel. Of course they are level 100+ characters and killĀ  you right away. This is no big deal and once you are a high level they leave you alone anyway.

Dekaron is back and a lot of fun.

– windy

Update: 23 April – Check out my article on Dekaron Nemesis. Currently my Favorite.