Introducing Google Phone 30.0

Introducing the GooglePhone 30.0 based on Android and featuring Meme Metal. The GP 30 not only “does” everything that you want it to, it “is” everything that you want it to be. Available for the 2030 Holiday season, the GP 30 is available from several manufacturers including HXS and LGY.

One of the Many Starbucks Memes

Meme metal allows the phone to take on shapes and behaviors based on the application that is currently running. In addition, the phone continues in any of its base capabilities – Phone, Music, Video, Credit and Game.Working with our clients and sponsors has allowed us to adapt the phone to your locality and intentions. So as you enter Starbucks, the phone senses your approach to the order desk and, if you don’t have a container, the phone becomes the container for your beverage as you order it.

A Popular Dutch Brothers Meme

Of course your phone continues to deliver active phone, inet or video experience through your audio and video implants as it pays for your beverage and is queued to be filled by the auto-barista. Since all disposable containers were banned five years ago to minimize landfill use, this phone avoids any embarrassments when you arrive at your destination without a container.

Bike Phone Meme

When you are ready to travel to your next destination, the phone can act as navigator to lead you to the next public transport, drive your bike or interface with your auto-drive of your car to get you there quickly and safely. There’s an app for that. Turn-by-turn is a thing of the past since the entire trip is managed by servers in a tight feedback loop with your phone.

GP 30 is available from VerSprint and AT&G with their normal plans providing 1Gbps rates and 1Petabyte per month without additional charges. Of course with the new meme features you are unlikely to be happy with only one phone. While the GP can provide many functions at the same time, if you need two memes at the same time you will want to be carrying two phones. Any of the VerSprint or AT&G plans allow the simultaneous use of up to five phones.

Recently there are unconfirmed reports of these phones crashing. We are sure that this video taken from another phone is faked, but we are looking into these reports.