Sanyo Waterproof HD Camcorder

Wow. There is a new HD Camcorder from Sanyo that is waterproof to 3m.

Waterproof HD Camera


Now I can take a camera on a hike to the beach and not get sand in it. Now I can take a camcorder out in the storm and take pictures without ruining it in the rain.


This is going to be a great break through! And it’s affordable at $200. You need to purchase a 32GB or other SD card for it. These are available for $50 – $80 depending on the brand you buy.

The video is 720p, not 1080p. But who cares based on the fact that I can take it out without risking it.

It has a 30x zoom, so you can get the surfer from the beach or the shorebird up close.


Both photos, or series of photos, as well as videos. Photos up to 1600 x 1200 and videos at 720p. Video format is MP4, so it’s compatible with most places you want to send them.


Fashion statement. You can choose your color.

Another Model

VPC-CA102YL Waterproof Full HD

There is another model. This model has been out for a while and is Waterproof, and Full HD. But it has a strange zoom lens and doesn’t provide a 30x zoom. The zoom is only 12x. Also this model is more expensive at about $350.

– Windy

All pictures are copyright Sanyo.