Jade Dynasty

Jade Dynasty is another in the collection of worlds from Perfect Worlds.

At level 25

My name is LadyFlayer. You may want to join me in my world. You will find my world is very beautiful and also that the training is very rapid. I was able to train from my birth until level 25 in about 8 hours of time. At this level I have my pet and a second level Esper that allows me to automatically hunt monsters.

At level 3

I began at level 1 and once I did a few quests, I got some new armor, a weapon and a gift box that opens to give me new items every 5 levels. The mandatory quests are easy to follow and there is a double EXP buff at level 10 that helps you quickly reach level 15.

I found that after an hour working with the Double EXP buff, I passed the levels expected for the following mandatory quests.


Monster detail

You will find the monsters are very interesting and beautiful as well as dangerous.

Jade Mongrel monster

And some monsters tower over you, but with proper training, they are easy to defeat.

Goldeye Demon

Pets are Complex

Pet status panel

Far too complex.

Pet detail status

Compared with Ether Saga, our pets are very complex. But if you study the Wiki you will be able to understand them.

Esper to Automatically fight

Each warrior in Jade Dynasty gets an Esper to help them fight. The esper not only helps them fight, but automatically directs you to select a monster, kills it, heals you and your pet, and then collects any of the desired loot, and then does it again. Over and over you get to level up without doing the detail steps.

This is much like the Possessor of Ether Saga, but you will not need to purchase a new Esper as it is a permanent feature of your outfit.

Lots of Running

There is lots of running back and forth to get to the monsters and find the NPCs. Of course AutoRoute and the maps make it easy to find your way, but you will not have a mount or a SkyBlade to fly until you are level 30.

You will want to watch carefully for routes to Monsters however. The default AutoRoute paths take you much farther than necessary if you are an Athan Faction you may not need to go nearly that far to find the monsters you need.

There is a database site that you should check if the run seems very far for your monster. As you can see from that map, there are often mobs of the monster you require much closer to your birthplace than the Auto Routing shows.


Here is a gallery of the pictures from my first few hours of training.

And here are just a few snapshots.

May the gods protect you.

– LadyFlayer