Reaching Level 40

Sandy's Foxero Guardian

Hi. My name is SandyLight and I’m a Shenzu Conjurer from Eloquence Peak. Since I last recorded our adventures here, we have all made quite a bit of progress. I am a level 41 and my brothers are in their high 30’s progressing toward 40. We have all trained new pets and had many adventures.

I’m afraid we all made mistakes after coming to Pokari City. We ignored our training and lost out on many benefits that a more disciplined approach would have afforded. It took us all a few hours to go back through our training and catch up. When we came to Pokari City from our hometowns we lost track of our training quests and did not talk to Mayor Wehn.

Wehn - Mayor of Pokari City

Wehn gives out the start of the training in Pokari City, so be sure and talk with him. As you follow the chain of training quests after that, you will receive a mount and a cloud and some fine gear. We all forgot our training and did not get back to it until we were in our mid 20’s. This is quite a lapse since we missed out on flying and riding, and our nice level 20 gear. But after a lot of work, we caught up on our training.

Wind and his free mount
HealBreeze gets his Cloud

Ziola has a joke at your expense just before you get your cloud. He offers to show you your true form and as you can see, it’s pretty much a joke at your expense.

Sandy's True Form

If you make a mistake, as we did, and not finish your training by level 20, then there can be a problem You must avoid doing the optional training quest “Wu’s Notebook” since if you are level 22 or beyond, you will not be able to get the notebook since you are too high a level to get any drops from monsters.

Wu's Notebook

I made this mistake and I had to purchase the notebook to clear the quest. As you can see, the reward is quite small and the quest is not required to complete the training for gear or for the mount or cloud. The Cloud is a permanent tool, but the mount only works for 10 days, so you will need to eventually purchase a mount. High speed travel is essential after you reach level 30 and are working in Gau’s estate.


Sandy made a friend who was quite generous with high level pets. She was given a Foxero Guardian and a Cloudwhisk Captain.

Sandy's Cloudwhisk Captain

After some work with pets, we have figured out some tips when working with pets.

You can only work with a pet that is no more than 10 or so levels above you. Of course you cannot capture a pet of a level higher than yourself, but if you trade or purchase a pet of a high level you may not be able to use it.

Pets that are Normal or Bright can use the Heal skill, which allows them to heal you and your fused pet as well as themselves. This means that they can convert food to HP which saves on your buying “beans” to increase their HP. This means you only need to purchase MP pots for you and Cookies to feed your pet. Your pet probably is able to do less damage as a result of healing, but the benefits in terms of pots seems like a win. We all fight with self healing pets now.

Gau’s Estate

Once you reach level 30 you will be spending a lot of time talking to Gau and the other folks in Fazenda. There are some great training quests there that will get you up to level 35 in no time. There are also some interesting pets to be captured.

Windy and his Firemane Bull

The Firemane Bull is a powerful pet found in Fazenda. I tried to catch one when I was level 30 and did not succeed, but later HealBreeze was able to use 20 nets to catch 4 of them, so both Wind and I both have them to work with. The Firemanes that we have are self healing and fight very hard for us.

Running out of Training

Somewhere around level 35 or level 36 you will run out of training quests with Gau and he will tell you to come back and see you when you reach level 39. This can be a problem since the only way to level after that is to Grind along with a possessor, most likely in Hurko’s Manor to the South. This is where the Cloud and the Mount come in very handy since travel is time consuming. You can set your Homestone to Gau’s Estate and the use the Home skill once per hour to get back, but then you have to fly or ride back to the Manor to grind or complete Bulletin Board quests. You will want to tank up on Pots and Cookies to avoid frequent travel.

I had some Double EXP tokens that I picked up somewhere that got me through this dry spell much quicker, but my brothers don’t have these tokens, so it’s going to be a long slog for them to get to level 39.

Haunted Valley

Scary Monsters in Haunted Valley

Once you make it to level 39 you can start quests with the hermit in the Haunted valley. At this point you will progress rapidly, until he says come back and see me at level 41. At this point it is more grinding until you can talk with Magfu and her daughters in Keop’s Place and then on to Arcanois.

Magu - Level 40 training quests

The cloud will be essential to start with with Magfu since her first quest is to fly to the top of the building to get a feather.

You will get some Transform practice when talking with Magfu’s daughters and there is an impossible quest that will complete even if you don’t reach the goal of 100 monsters in 10 minutes. You should have all the required transform cards if you have done all your training.

As you progress from Keop’s Place to Arcanois you will see the home of the Cloudwhisk Captains.

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May the 4 elements protect you,