Dragon Festival – Get Your Mask

The Dragon Festival has been going on in Shing Jea Monastery for the past few days. You can collect 250 Victory Tokens to get your own Dragon Mask.

The Dragon Festival 2010

For the past few days there has been a chain of quests to get most of the Victory Tokens that are required to get a mask. I misunderstood, even after reading, that I needed to get 250 tokens for each of my 8 characters to have them each get a mask. It turns out that you can get one mask per account, and then use the Festival Hat NPC to get other masks for each character in the account. So now after about an hour’s work for each character, plus several more hours and a few K gold to buy additional tokens, I have a ton of tokens that I can sell to others.

I have spent some time dyeing each of the masks to match the costumes of the characters.