A Few Monumental Accomplishments

A few of us have had some accomplishments of enough note that they can be displayed in the Eye of the North Hall of Monuments.

Jacob Whirlwind has obtained the Ancient Prestige Armor in the Nightfall Campaign.

Jacob Whirlwind - Ancient Armor

Jacob also has obtained all the Avatar skills, both for his own use and of course for all the heroes.

Avatar of Grenth

These Avatars are skills that are quite formidable and add a lot to the success of parties employing Dervish characters or heroes.

Windy Reaper has completed the Eye of the North campaign [EotN] and has obtained the Asura Rank of Not Too Annoying (5), which allows him to purchase the Necromancer Asura Armor. Of all the Necro armor, only this armor appealed to Reaper, and though it was a lot of work to get the gold and the other materials for the armor, it has been worth it to look this great.

The Asurans also supply Spectacles as head gear as an additional bonus.

Asura Necro Armor

Reaper is using a Kerrsh’s Staff, which is a unique item in the EotN campaign. It is obtained once per character after a long and difficult quest. All of our brother’s and sisters have this staff, either for their own use or for the use of their heroes. Since the staff has a health bonus of +60, it is one of the most powerful weapons in our world. It is no doubt that the Asurans make excellent weapons, and we are all fortunate to be able to carry this powerful weapon.

In addition, Reaper has displayed some of the other accomplishments, such as animal companions in his Hall.

Fellowship Monument

Other recent completions of note include both Windy Flayer and Windy Delight completing EotN and with Delight helping Flayer get a unique shield, Flayer now has a Droknar’s Axe and a Droknar’s Shield, both of which are unique items which can only be obtained on the first completion of the EotN campaign. Here is Flayer with his new weapons.

Droknar's Weapons

The Droknar’s weapons that Flayer carries, each have a health bonus of +30, so he is afforded a powerful health bonus as he forges forward through our world.

Update: Jacob finished enough of the EotN to get a tapestry and has displayed his armor in the Hall of Monuments.

Jacob Closeup

Here are the snapshots we have taken of our travels: