It’s About Monetizing Me

Recently a TWIT podcast brought up some interesting points about privacy. But maybe it’ s not about Privacy. I’m not the first to say this. Maybe it was Leo in one of his podcasts. But I’m taking up the call.

TWIT 225 Schmidt Happens

Maybe it’s not privacy, but monetizing. It’s about “monetizing me”. Obviously Facebook, Twitter, google, netflix and the other sites are making money by selling our info. But they aren’t paying us for it. I might be disposed to make a lot more information available and public on those sites if I were being paid by Facebook and the others to do that. The more information that I share and make public the higher the rate / month that they send to my PayPal account.

And the more movies I watch/rate on Netflix, and the more searches I do, with an Opt-In for google and bing, and the more background info I give google and bing.

Why should google make billions – with a B – from their advertisers based on knowing about me, which is why the advertisers give them the big bucks after all, and I don’t get a cent? I should get a reduced rate from Netflix the more movies I rent/ watch instantly, and rate. I should get a reduced shipping rate the more I buy from Amazon and still more off if I rate items and provide feedback about sellers. And provide Amazon with more “private” information about me.

I turn off Third-Party-Cookies because it allows harvest of information about me for which I’m not being paid. How about $5 or $10 / month from ClickWhatsIt – I forget the name of the prominent third-party cookie baker – if I enable third party cookies? That’s about Opt-In and Monetizing Me.

I provide a lot of private information here on this blog about me, but that can’t be monetized by those sites because it’s not connected with transactions or page views on those sites. So they can’t monetize this blog. But when I do something on those sites, then they figure out a way to sell the “pages hits” combined with the private info about me – maybe anonymized maybe not – to other folks. That’s about Monetizing those sites – to some extent. Either directly or indirectly.

But what about my value in the equations. Shouldn’t I be paid to some extent for my information?

It’s about Monetizing Me.