Sandy and WindyLancer Progress

Closeup of Sandy
Closeup of Sandy

Whew, we made it. It was quite a struggle to get to level 67 and my new armor. I’ve tried several places to work, but Castor Cave L2 has been the most productive. I worked some at Crespo but this often took too many pots. I quckly found that Draco Desert did not work well. While I can get a lot of Exp from the monsters there, one mistep and I’m dead and the pot cost is very high. I have had the best progress in Castor Cave working the sections with Algols.

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Luna Online – Terminally Cute

luna_logoWindyPooLuna Online is an anime themed MMO with all the features you’d expect of a RPG. It’s a slow paced and childish looking game which makes it charming. It may seem cruel to kill cute little turtles but you’ll soon get used to it.

There are several YouTube video reviews: Here and Here.

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