Rappelz – Slow Response, Dated Graphics


Rappelz shows a very nice face on the website. But the graphics are dated, circa last millennium, and the game play is slow and the animations are simplistic. I recall better game play, graphics and animations from Rune which is 10 years old this month. If you want to play an MMO on an old computer with a 1024px monitor then Rappelz may be for you. It does seem to have all the expected MMO features, and has very modest graphics requirements. I’ve included lots of screen shots so you can see how it looks.

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Dragon Age – Not MMO. So Last Millennium


Dragon Age: Origins is a new game from BioWare, the makers of Baldur’s Gate back in the last millennium [1998]. Way back in that ancient history, a stand alone RPG made a lot of sense, but in these days of X Box Online, Sony Online and dozens of Free To Play MMOs like Perfect World, Dekaron [2Moons], Ether Saga, etc. it seems odd to bring out a game with no online play.

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