Luna Online – Terminally Cute

luna_logoWindyPooLuna Online is an anime themed MMO with all the features you’d expect of a RPG. It’s a slow paced and childish looking game which makes it charming. It may seem cruel to kill cute little turtles but you’ll soon get used to it.

There are several YouTube video reviews: Here and Here.

You’ll find all the features you’ll expect in an MMORPG.  So if you like the look, and have a computer with a modest graphics card, this may be the game for you to try.

The game team is quite serious about punishing those who grief other players, but it seems that one of the most annoying issues is a player stealing a kill from another player. It’s called KS or Kill Stealing. It seems odd that the game does not simply fix this issue in the same way that 2Moons [Dekaron] has solved it. In Dekaron, once you start killing a monster, then you get the experience even if another player kills the monster, unless some time passes or you die and are unable to finish the kill. This effectively prevents KS issues

Well, if you are looking for an MMO that is Terminally Cute, then Luna Online may be for you. Enjoy.