Second Life Max Prims 14

Here’s a progress report on the Second Life Prims for Max.

  • It’s beginning to work.
  • Not ready for prime time for sure… But it’s beginning to draw shapes.
  • Boxes, cylinders work with cuts and hollow.
  • Spheres don’t work. And tori and other shapes have not even been tried.
  • The GUI has not changed very much, but it’s not completely fixed at this point.
  • You will need to configure the viewpoints as “Force 2 sided” to use the primitive at this point. Some of the faces are pointed the wrong way.

Download SLPrims14 and give it a try.

Install in the 3dsmaxscripts directory. Then execute the script and use as you would any other simple object from the create and modify menu.

Only use BOX or CYLINDER object types. This version is full of bugs. It may crash max and may cause other errors.

Box with tri hollow

Box tri hollow taper shear
Notice that some surfaces don’t have

Cylinder sq hollow taper shear

Cylinder triangle hollow

Parameter rollout

Modification rollout