CVS with KDevelop and Cervista

[Updated 10 Nov 2006]

I’ve just started learning how to use CVS on Linux with KDevelop, and there are enough gotchas that I thought it might be interesting to share what I’ve learned. I have used lots of source control in the past, but never CVS. RCS [ages ago], QVCS [windows front end for rcs], and VSS with Visual Studio.

Serious coding on Linux means that I need source control, so I had a look at what’s available. CVS seems to be the long-time standard for open-source projects. But SubVersion is new on the scene, relatively, so I took a look. But after a little study of a few doc pages, including this one, it looks like SubVersion has the nasty habit of suggesting, if not requiring, that your directory tree look in a special way for SubVersion use. That, and the fact that the SubVersion GUI client for Linux looks like it is in its pretty early days, has lead me to choose CVS and Cervisia. Any Open Source code base with a version above 1.5 has got to have seen a fair amount of use.
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KDevelop project fails to build with CVS

SUSE 10.1, KDE 3.5.5, KDevelop 3.3.5, Cervisia 2.4.5

[RESOLVED 10 Nov 2006]
To build successfully after moving a project, use Build >> Clean Project, followed by Build >> Run Automake & Friends and Build >> Run Config.

I’m trying to learn to use source control with KDevelop. CVS seems the most popular and most stable. I looked briefly at SVN, but the GUI tool seems immature compared with Cervisia. But I can’t get CVS and KDevelop to play nicely together.
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