Romance in Second Life

So you may be wondering how romance works in Second Life. Well since you asked, I thought I’d summarize a recent experience with my buddy Stefi.
Stefi as Christmas Elf

So Stefi shows up in her new XMas outfit and then she showed me her latest fun toy.

First Kiss

Scripts allow a couple to exchange poses, with sound effects no less. She offers and you accept. It’s best if you are both facing when you trigger the poses. And they are animated. And this one includes a loud smacking sound. Of course.

Then she asked if I had seen Pose Balls. So we went off to see a place she found where they sell Pose Balls and have a bunch of them set out to demo.

Forget what this was called.


Pose Balls are pairs of balls, one pink – for the girl – and one blue – for the guy. You each click on the balls and then you are both together in the animation, which loops.

They probably have the whole Kama Sutra if you are so inclined, or perhaps that’s so reclined.