Beach Front Property in SL

I’ve just purchased a beach front lot in Second Life. It’s in a private community called Azure Islands, a private beach community with amenities. Twice the “prims” means that I can build more per m2 of my land. Covenants and lots of protected land mean that the community will remain “residential” and eyesore buildings are eliminated. This will be a place for me to experiment and learn about SL. The property comes with a small boat house and some trees. I’ll be building a small Japanese style home and playing with other scripts and items for sale in SL.

The land is outlined in yellow. This view is from above looking to the Southwest. Click on images for larger views. The Address is: Windyweather Sands, Naiad(160,178,25).

View to the west

Here is another view from further back.

Another View

An overall map of the area. My land is at the top center. Look for the little circle. The yellow blocks are land for sale in this view.
Map of Area

View from Ground Level.

View of property at Ground Level

WindyWeather VanAlten in SL
Me in SL