Theme Change

Yep. We changed the theme. Turns out that the other theme was “Deprecated” recently. It had problems anyway. The thing I noticed was that the background was not a solid color, but rather it was a pattern.

This theme is not perfect, but it’s better in some ways. I resurrected an old Youtube title image and resized it for the header. Odd that the theme decided to cut the image in half though, don’t you think? Here’s the whole picture that I made for Youtube a while ago:

Do you recognize the place where this was taken? The towers in the background?

Somewhere in Westonia

Anyway. Times change.


7 July 2020 – Here’s the first change to a theme called “Chaos Soul”. But this one has a problem that it doesn’t support Search or Link widgets. So we’ve gotta keep looking.

Chaos Soul Theme

9 July 2020 – Well we are still working on the theme. Here is what we have as a second iteration based on “Twenty Sixteen”.

9 July 2020 Twenty Sixteen Iteration 3. Much nicer. Looks like we’ll stick with this one.