Moving to

This Blog Moved

This blog moved to

Apparently it was hacked on the previous hoster, and rather than fixing it, it has been moved to a hoster that will take responsibility for the code base.

Of course the domains will need to be moved and when that happens, you will see this posting.

Changes to expect

There will be some broken links and I will eventually fix them or remove them.

There are parts of the site that I will not move:

Forums – the SMF forums will be dumped. I used to use them for support of scripts that I developed for Second Life. All of that is old news after all these years.

Coppermine Photo Gallery – The photo gallery will just disappear. As I need to share photos I’ll put them up on another hosting service and link from a post here to that gallery there. If you miss a photo or gallery let me know and I’ll consider uploading and sharing it again.

Testing sites – I had several other hidden testing services on my hosting service that I have not needed in a long time. You won’t miss them unless you were hunting ways to break into my site. ; )

I no longer have the interest or energy to defend my site against hackers. So I’m letting my hosting service do that. If you are using a self hosted wordpress or other platform, I suggest you do the same unless you are a website professional.