Tera – Federation Bills Are Good for Something

Santia's Robe Template
Santia’s Robe Template

Federation Bills have been a daily login-reward for a few weeks now. But when you check the vendors in cities, nothing seemed very interesting. But then I saw a player with a neat new outfit, and looked it up on the template site. Wow. A level 50 robe being worn by a lower level character! Wonder how that happened? Check out the robe I saw here and look down for set 19.

Well now I know. Use your Fed Bills to purchase templates. And they are reasonably priced too. 35 bills gets you all three pieces. There are two styles – Santia’s and Quandary Bazaar. The templates are marked level 60, but if you go to the re-modeler in The Hunter’s Plaza of Velika, anybody can remodel their equipment to these templates. It cost me about 1 G 50S to remodel my level 33 gear to the new look. And of course, I can remodel new equipment to the old things to keep the look for future items without buying new templates.

You get 5 10 bills each day you login on each server on your account. Back to 5 per day. These templates are gone with remodeling in 13 May 2014 update.

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Linux Mint – Migrate to SSD


Every post should start with an interesting picture.

Ok. Now for the article.

I’m using a Linux Mint system hooked to my TV to watch Netcasts from the Twit.tv network and other things. It’s built using an Thermaltake Armor 30 case and a Core i5 Haswell processor, 8GB RAM, GFX 640 graphics, and a 250GB HD.

But the system is slow. So I’ve decided that the best approach would be to get a cheap SSD for it. I found a Refurbished 60GB SSD on Newegg for about $40. That should do the trick. Given there aren’t that many apps installed on the Linux system, it uses far less than 60GB, so the small size is no problem.

Migration to SSD

I don’t want to completely rebuild the system. I’d rather migrate it to the SSD. A forum post led me to using gparted to migrate the partitions from the 250GB hard drive to the SSD. Also, it seems best to test this scheme using a virtual machine before I actually migrate the system. One of the VMs I keep current is a Linux Mint 15 system in a 60GB VM disk on my Windows 7 system. I use Virtual Box.

After I did the experiments with the VM, I successfully migrated a 250GB HD – 9GB used- to a 60GB SSD with no problems using this scheme. Continue reading “Linux Mint – Migrate to SSD”

Tracking SSD Activity

Your SSD
Your SSD

After upgrading my system with a shiny new SSD, the HD light was blinking like a heart beat every second or so, and that concerned me. SSD’s have a limited lifetime, for writes, so it occurred to me that Windows might be burning up my SSD by continually writing to it.

After checking around a little on the web, I found the SysInternals windows utilities on the Microsoft techweb site. At first I tried DiskMon, which showed disk activity,  but didn’t show which files were being accessed. Then I found Process Monitor, which showed which files were being written and  by how much. Continue reading “Tracking SSD Activity”

Battlechair Moving Day

Aurora R2 at Battlechair
Aurora R2 at Battlechair

I decided that if I’m going to get any use from the SSD I had better move it to where I use my computer the most. So I swapped the computers to put the Aurora R2 with the battle chair. I’ll swap them back after I upgrade the Armor 90 system to a 500GB SSD in a couple of months.

The Plan

The plan is to upgrade the Armor 90 system to a 500GB SSD and this will free up 2 650GB 7200 rpm drives that were in a striped array as the system drive. Continue reading “Battlechair Moving Day”

SSD Migration Success

Samsung 840 250GB SSD
Samsung 840 250GB SSD

The SSD arrived today!

The first problem was that I neglected to order the package with the 2.5″ > 3.5″ HD bracket. So mounting the drive was an issue. I had taped the Laptop drive during my testing using a cardboard platform, so after not finding any bracket when calling around to places in town, I did the same, and then ordered some brackets from NewEgg. Continue reading “SSD Migration Success”

SSD Migration Nightmare

The Problem

Samsung 840 250GB SSD
Samsung 840 250GB SSD

You may have noticed that prices for SSDs have come down quite a bit in the last year or so. And the sizes are now quite reasonable. A 250GB SSD will set you back about $200 and a 500GB SSD is about $350. So, I’ve decided that it’s time to begin migrating my computers to SSD system drives.

Casper 6.0 is among the tools I’ve had for sometime to migrate disks, so I gave that a try.

The test machine is an Alienware Aurora R2, circa 2008, with 8GB memory and a 1TB HD, running, Win7 x64. Only 180GB of the 1TB HD is used. As a test target before the SSD arrives, the migration target is a 320GB SATA Laptop drive.

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Ho3k – Mounted Combat

Mounted Combat

Mounted combat is available from level 30 in Heroes of Three Kingdoms. But the quest chain to achieve it is not well documented and is confusing. This is a guide to gaining Mounted Combat with a minimum of cost and headaches. I had to attempt it three times before I got it right and finally help from the forum got me across the last stumbling block. It cost me 3 Gold in Money to gain it rather than the usual 1 Gold, so I’m trying to save you the money.

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