Windows 10 Random Beeps

For the past few weeks I’ve noticed Windows 10 beeping at random times. These beeps don’t seem to be correlated with anything I’m doing. I finally did a google search. It turns out that this has been a thing for quite some time.

I could not get the troubleshooter to work. But continued searching found that the beeps were an indication that the Event Log was being used. And using the Event Viewer – just type Event Viewer into the white search box at the bottom left of the desktop – showed errors in the Application log. And these errors were ESENT 455 errors. So a google search of that showed that the problem was easily solved.

Solving ESENT 455 Errors

Apparently the problem is caused by windows not creating a directory that it then attempts to use later to log something. So then the error log gets an entry that windows can’t find the directory. So creating the directory is supposed to fix the problem. We’ll see. I have not disabled the beep, as some articles suggest. I’ve just created the directory.

Here’s the Article I finally found on the Microsoft Forums website. I’m not suggesting that you modify your system. I’m only reporting what I’ve found that may be of help. Anything you do is at your own risk. [End of Legal Disclaimer]

May you walk in the light of the Crystal.