Only Stainless Lasts in Coastal Oregon

Salt air here on the coast of Oregon rots most metals away in a few years. Only stainless steel lasts a long time.

Here’s the new gate latch. All stainless steel. Found it on Amazon for about $16.

Had to widen the wood a little. The latch parts were wider than 1 1/2 inches [2 x 4] so I added some shims. I’ll paint these soon.

So that should fix it for a long time. Most work around the house is put together with epoxy coated deck screws with Torx heads. The pull wire is plastic coated galvanized wire. It’ll last a while and then I’ll replace it.

Ok. Painted. The paint will look about right when it dries. It’s the right color for the house. Just a lot newer than when it was applied here. At least 15 years I guess.