Adventures in Eorzea

In this midst of this world wide tragedy and horror, I want to share a light spot that my daughter and I are sharing.

I want to share this in a way that is accessible and possibly inspiring for folks that have not played MMO video games before. Not to necessarily encourage you to take them up, but to show you a little of that world.

I have been playing video games for many years in my retirement and have shared these games with my daughter, who lives 500 miles away and who has a busy career. We have been playing various games together for some time – a few hours twice a week. But recently it has become more like 5 or 6 days a week. Our current adventures are in Eorzea playing Final Fantasy XIV. Above, you can see recent mounts we acquired in an event that is going on for the next few weeks.

Dinner with a Long Time Friend

Friends Made, Friends Lost

For those of you who have not played an Massively Multiplayer Online Video Game, it is like a series of Novels and Movies, but you are a character and the plot only moves forward if you act to advance it yourself. And you do this with characters in the story [game] and others that are players.

So think about the Harry Potter novels, or The Lord of the Rings novels. But as a movie where the film does not advance unless you do something. You cannot just watch it play. You must participate.

Along the way you will make new friends in the story, work to overcome obstacles and tragically, lose some friends. Triumph and Tragedy as any good story is told.

You participate with NPCs [ non player characters written into the story] and most importantly, other players in the game. Some you may bring as friends, some you meet only once in your journey, and some become friends as you play together.

The High Art of Our Times

I think these video games are the High Art of our Times. Extending the novel from the 17th and 18th centuries, and the movies of the 19th and 20th Centuries, these MMOs are a new art form that has not been seen before. The authors take all the care and dedication of purpose of the previous art, but this art requires participation not seen in the previous art forms. An MMO like FFXIV requires hundreds of artists and engineers and years of time to build. And the story unfolds over many years as well. FFXIV has been active for about 10 years. World of Warcraft was released in 2004.

The artwork is stunning, the stories are compelling and your participation makes it all the more meaningful to experience and share.

May You Walk in the Light of the Crystal

Whether in Eorzea, or another of the many worlds to choose from, I encourage you to investigate this new Art Form. They are far beyond a simple mobile video game on your phone, but so is the experience of living in another world.

Be Safe and Healthy