More UPS Tracking Nonsense

UPS has done it again. Their shipping will take at least another day.

Tracking of a Small Newegg Package

I ordered a small package from Newegg – Two DRAM Modules. But rather than sending it USPS, Newegg sent it via UPS, which of course uses USPS for the “Last Mile”. Sooooo… UPS, in their infinite logistical wisdom drop the package off 6 hours from my house, by truck, and declares victory and says that the package will arrive today. Sure. Fat chance. You give the USPS 6 hours to get to my house and as the truck drives and don’t allow for any sorting? Have a clue, UPS. No freaking way.

The UPS Tracking Dream

Here’s what UPS expects to happen today. BTW, the nearest USPS sorting facility is in Eugene Oregon. And it will undoubtedly stop there for a day or a night on the way to Coos Bay.

Here’s the Whole Trip

Here’s the whole trip the package took to get to my house.

Looks like a bit of an overshoot to me. BTW, like I said, the nearest USPS sorting facility is in Eugene, Oregon, which you can see is not that near to my house.

Sorry for living out in the country, UPS, but I like it here. Just stop dreaming about your delivery times, and stop overshooting so much with your trucking. How about you analyze this route and drop the package off at USPS in Long Beach? Think that might work better?

Heavy sigh.