Additional Retainers – Don’t Do It!

Back in December I started some serious Crafting Gathering Training.

But after a few weeks, and raising all DoH / DoL jobs – except fishing and culinary – to about 50, I gave up on this. There was an increasing curve of time to get each new level on the jobs. I completed Shadowbringers with the 430 quest gear.

In support of that crafting experience, I purchased two Additional Retainers.


Normally you get two retainers for each character on the account. These serve as bank and sale-agent for the market. They each provide 175 storage slots and the ability to sell up to 20 items at a time on the market board. They also can be leveled to gather additional materials for crafting or other needs.

Now that I have decided to not continue with DoH / DoL leveling, I no longer need the additional retainers, which cost $2/ mo each for an additional retainer or $12 for each 3 month subscription period for two retainers.

But cancelling the Additional Retainers Service is a Nightmare. I would avoid it at all costs. It took about 10 emails with support and then waiting on the computer for over an hour and a half for a chat with a support person to clarify how to cancel the service, and I need to wait about 2 months and then re-enter my credit card to complete the process.

Cancelling Additional Retainers is truly a nightmare.

Don’t Signup For Retainers Unless You Really Need Them

On the Mogstation, you are provided with a button to Manage Service Options:

FFXIV Mogstation ManageServiceOptions.png

Then choose Retainer Service under Additional Paid Options

FFXIV Mogstation RetainerService.png

Screenshot_2020-03-16 FINAL FANTASY XIV Mog Station Retainer Service.png

Now to choose how many you want, you see this:

FFXIV Mogstation RetainerServiceSubscription.png

The problem is that there is NO ZERO RETAINERS OPTION on this list.

So, while you can reduce the number to ONE, you can’t un-subscribe by simply reducing the number to zero.

Now comes the nightmare, if you want NO ADDITIONAL RETAINERS.

You have to go back to your account and remove your recurring payment subscription. Not your entire account, but just your recurring payment.

Then you have to wait until it expires.

Then you can re-up your paid subscription but with no additional retainers. Allegedly. I have yet to confirm this since my 90 day subscription has another 50 or so days left.


Someone got lazy and didn’t provide the ZERO option, and I’m sure that it was a little extra work to solve the ZERO option. But I just spent a week back and forth with support – a day per email – plus an hour and a half waiting on chat.

All because some web / database engineer was lazy.

Sigh. I’ll report back in a couple of months when I finally succeed at this. All for a few dollars.

BTW, other games allow purchase of additional “Bank Space” for a fixed one time charge. GW2 sells both additional Bank Tab Expansion and additional Material Storage Expansion – adding 250 to count mats that can be stored –  for their banks for one time fees of about $6 and $8, instead of making banking services cost a monthly subscription fee.

I guess I’m less annoyed with a monthly charge than the nightmare when trying to cancel the service.