FFXIV Upgrade Gear

Update: As of 5.3 this is obsolete. You can only buy Augmented gear now. See this post for the latest info.

I made this post so that I could easily upgrade my Ironworks and Shire Gear. There are a few places to find the info, but they are not convenient to refer to. This is designed to be easy to use.

Note: Next time I visit Rhalgr’s Reach, I’ll add the guide to upgrade the level 70 Scaevan gear. The purchase and upgrade NPCs are all at the same counter for the Scaevan Gear.

Upgrade Ironworks – Level 50 Gear

Purchase of Ironworks gear is in Revenant’s Toll, Mor Dhona. Purchase the gear from Auriana at the counter on the upper level. Auriana also has Upgrade Mats under the Other category of her store.


Purchase a single Carbontwine for Armor and Weapons, and a single Carboncoat for Accessories.

Travel for the Ironworks Upgrade

Then take your gear piece, unequipped, and your mats all the way to the North Shroud. The closest Aetherite is Fallgourd. Once there, travel North East along the road to Hyrstmill, at the far NE of the map and speak to Drake who can upgrade your gear. What a pain. Thankfully, later gear involves far less travel for the upgrade.

Upgrade Shire – Level 60 Gear

Purchase and upgrading of Shire Gear is done in Idyllshire, but you probably already know this. Here’s where you purchase the gear and the upgrade materials.

FFXIV_2019_10_04_09_30_16_121 PurchaseUpgradeItems.png
Inside the Library at the Counter for Gear and Materials

The upgrade NPC is at the stall across the street. To upgrade Weapons use Illuminati Deepest Gobdip.

FFXIV_2019_10_04_09_28_09_324 Weapon Upgrade.png
Weapon Upgrade

To upgrade Armor use Illuminati Tautest Gobtwine. One spool for each item of course.

FFXIV_2019_10_04_09_28_34_572 Armor Upgrade.png
Armor Upgrade

To upgrade Accessories use Illuminati Darkest Gobcoat.

FFXIV_2019_10_04_09_28_48_036 Accessories Upgrade.png
Accessory Upgrade

Scaevan Gear – Level 70 ilvl 390

Here’s a quick summary of how to purchase and  upgrade Scaevan Gear. This gear is now purchased using Tomestones of Poetics, since Shadowbringer’s has released. Tomestones of Genesis have been removed from the game.

FFXIV Scaevan Gear Purchase Upgrade.png

FFXIV_2019-12-06 Augmented Shire Weapons.pngAnother Interesting Thing

The Large Beaver Minion has the wrong kind of teeth. I’m not clear why the FFXIV designers didn’t look up Beavers and see that they are essentially Rodents with Incisors rather than Canine teeth. But here they are:

FFXIV_2019_10_03_19_12_31_603 Beaver Minion.png

I’m not saying he’s not cute, but his teeth are wrong.

Screenshot_2019-10-04 Beaver front teeth - Google Search.png

Oh well. May you walk in the light of the Crystal.